We want to help you publish your book! 

Our desire is to see you accomplish YOUR dream! So we decided to begin offering publishing services to those who have always wanted to write that book, devotion, or novel. We do all the work for you, and in three easy steps, you can be a published author! All we need is your manuscript!

Our first meeting will be all about the details. It will give us an opportunity to meet you and talk about your vision behind whatever project it is that you're working on. This includes obtaining the ISBN. The cost for the first session is $150. 

Our second meeting will be about the cover design, layout, and formatting of your project. We'll talk about any extras you want to include, and order your proof! Our second meeting costs $125.

Our third and final meeting will be about editing, revising, and resubmitting your work. We'll finalize everything for you, and complete your project. This final meeting costs $75.

*Note* Once published, you are responsible for the cost of ordering copies, and shipping charges. Your book will be available on Amazon.com, and Kindle. The rate for author copies is $3.15 per book, plus shipping. You keep any and all profit after that. 

Make your dream a reality! Contact us today!