What is it that you value?
What's important to you?
At the end of the day, what do you want to live for?

I think it's easy to just let life pass us by. We've been tricked into believing that in order to be happy, we must chase after things to satisfy the hunger deep within our souls.

I know for me, I've always wanted to feel important, or make some lasting impact on the people around me. But the more I try to do this, the more I find myself trading the moments I have for a life of constant striving for approval.

Our values determine how we live, and without them, it's impossible to live a life of purpose and meaning. Values guide our lives, and ultimately serve as a compass, pointing towards what really matters.

And what does really matter at the end of it all? I mean, what is it that wakes us up every morning and gives us the motivation to carry on? My fear is that most of us find ourselves living for things that don’t really satisfy us because we’ve lost our way when it comes to our values.

Well, for starters, your health matters right? But how many of us actually make an effort to eat right and exercise? If that’s you then great. But for the rest of us, if our health is of any value, then something’s gotta give.

Or what about our relationships? They matter right? Than how is it our parents live a half hour away, but we just can't find the time to go visit them?

If our goals matter, the things we're passionate about, then why is it we find ourselves slaves to a job we hate?

There is something missing between our perceived values and our actions. An incongruence between what we say is important, and how we choose to live.

But maybe you've never really thought about your values. Maybe you've never taken the time to slow down and ponder about what's most important to you.

If that's you then it's ok! The good news is that you can start right now, today. You can choose to verbalize your values and make sure your heart aligns with your actions.

Life is short, and we've only got one shot at this thing. What we do with the time we have matters. And each of us is leaving a legacy whether we want to or not. Each of us is making an impact on someone, whether good or bad.

What do you want your life to be about? Think about that. How you answer is the first step in determining the direction your life takes from this point on.

Start by thinking of 3 to 5 words that you want to define the way you live. For example, a couple of mine are relationships, generosity, and health. Yours can be anything that you find value in and want your life to be about.

Then, post these words somewhere you can see every single day. The idea is to take a moment each day and align your thoughts with where you want to go. What you’ll see is that when you’re intentional with your life, you’ll suddenly find value in the simple things. These are the things that really matter.

We want you to live a better story. In fact, that’s why we do what we do. You are worth more than you’ve settled for. And thankfully, you don’t have to live like that forever. Maybe it’s time to change the narrative. Maybe it’s time for a better story.