Things that Matter

We spend our lives chasing something. But the truth is that we're not even sure what that is most of the time.

We schedule and plan our days away, and yet deep inside us is a hunger for more. A thirst for meaning. A cry for purpose.

You and I were made for more than this. We were created for more than we've settled for. But in the middle of a life that's full of dishes and laundry and meetings and deadlines, it's almost impossible to discover what that is.

Why are we so afraid to do things that matter?

We only get one shot at this. One try. One chance and then it's over. There are no do-overs. No mulligans. No second chances.

Our lives are simply a vapor that lingers for a while and then vanishes away.

What will we do with that vapor?

What if we lived every moment in utter amazement and awe? What if we saw the work we did as something worthwhile--- more than a paycheck?What if our lives made sense?

What if the things we said we believed in actually caused us to live differently? What if we chose to take chances.

What if we cared about other people? What if we did things that mattered?

You get one life; live it well.