10 Things to Throw Away Right Now

Life is crazy right?

We get it.

It’s so easy to get sucked into our schedules and consumed by our commitments. But we believe that it’s possible to live life on purpose. In fact, we would even say that if you’re not living a life of intention, you’re missing out on all that could be.

So we wanted to share a few quick thoughts with you.

We’ve talked before about how less is actually more, because it allows you to be freed up to experience all life has to offer. “Better is one handful with peace than two handfuls with toil and chasing after wind.” Life isn’t summed up in our possessions. The abundance of stuff actually detracts from what life is all about. It’s time to get rid of the stuff that does nothing but stress you out!

So here are 10 things that you can throw away right now, guilt free!


1. Old Magazines

If you’re like us, you’ve got old magazines just lying around the house, just in case you ever decide to read them again. THROW THEM OUT! If they don’t add value to your life, they’re just taking up space.

2. Old Meds/Prescriptions

Take a good long look through your medicine cabinet and toss any expired meds. If you don’t use it anymore, or it’s no good, get rid of it.

3. Clothes

This may be more difficult than the first two. Let’s be honest, our closets are FULL of things we don’t wear anymore, and things that don’t even fit us. If you really want to simplify your life, you’ve got to be willing to honestly evaluate your closet. If it’s not something you wear or absolutely love, give it away.

4. Food

I don’t think that 2 year old cheese wiz will do you any good. Neither will the peanut butter that expired in 2014. I think we’ve all got stuff in our cabinets that doesn’t belong there anymore. Go through your fridge and throw away expired or spoiled food. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Makeup

Ladies...(and maybe a few guys) this one’s for you. Take an inventory of all the makeup you’ve got sitting around. If you haven’t used it in 2 months, trash it.

6. Old Bills/Receipts/Papers

If you’re like us, your junk drawer is piled full of old bills, receipts, and papers. Go through it, and if you don’t absolutely NEED it, burn it or throw it away.

7. Books

Ok, so this one is actually pretty tough for us. We LOVE books, and even though we love to have a library, we decided to only KEEP the books that radically impacted us. Go through your bookshelf and pick out the ones that mean the most to you, then share the other ones with people you think will find value in them.

8. Old Toiletries

Ok, I know we’re not the only ones who’ve had 15 partially open bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner just sitting in our shower. Go through your bathroom and toss any old products you don’t use or need anymore. Say it with us, SIMPLIFY.

9. Old Electronics

We’ve all got old, tangled cords laying around the house. They just sit there in the corner because we either don’t know what they go to, or don’t have any use for them. Throw out anything you don’t use anymore. If you wanna donate it to a thrift shop or sell them online, that’s fine. Just get RID of them.

10. Any remaining Miscellaneous Clutter

Look, we’re sure that the collection of stamps meant something to you at some point, but come on, if you don’t find it useful or beautiful, NIX it! Anything that takes up unwanted space in your home only distracts you from what life's all about.

Now, this is just the beginning. You decide what’s useful and beautiful to you. It’s different for everyone. The idea is that you’ll take ownership of this life you’ve been entrusted with, and make the most of it. At the end of the day, life isn’t about the accumulation of STUFF, it’s about how you choose to impact the lives of those around you.

That’s our two cents.

It’s up to you what you do with it.